I will buy the forests and the ocean and the mountains

dedicated for the ones who cant sleep

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I Surrender

These days I cant sleep even though I am sleepy.Insomnia has started indeed and cant say its not a nice thing.Well what I believe its because of a depression.I feel very very depressed and it feels like there is a pressure on me a huge one…. like 10 billion tons.No I dont have any hearth ache,I closed the book recently.
Cant like…. I still think about what have I done wrong.Which I know I havent but still looking for a useless answer.Like I need to be the one to feel sorry.

The thing is when I go up to bed in my dorm room,the bed feels like a coffin because its on top of the table,these ones that you have to climb into.I feel like I am too close to the ceiling and I do not want to.

I try to deal with this resistance to sleep thing.I listen to chill music some Asian tea or jasmine tea you know they say they help for a good nights sleep the truth is they dont.

I have class in two hours and tomorrow probably is the day that makes me feel tired the most.I want a good nights sleep when I could get up early and have a fresh day with a cup of coffee.But this thing just dont happen.

When I go to bed before sleep I started to question myself which is quite weirdoish.Yeah everybody questions themselves. But nobody does it on the bed.

I mean it’s not a quiz show time.

I just drank a huge cup of coffee just in case you know.To keep me up for two more hours.Because I got scared that I might sleep and if I do,I might oversleep and miss my classes tomorrow.Which they all require attendance.

Well I dont know the reason why I cant sleep really.Maybe it’s the University campus life but I dont believe that because at fall semester that was not what it was going on.I had some chance to sleep whenever I I wanted.

I had a decent crush back in we were flirting and now very close friends but spring term has made me like a tipsy girl.Well no worries I dont drink that much but the problems is I CANT SLEEP.I feel like extras from these crappy zombie apocalypse when its the morning time.

Well its six in the morning wish me like for like two more hours.